Storm Shelters, Tornado Safe Rooms & Tornado Shelters

“Economical, safe Storm Shelters, Tornado Shelters, and Tornado Safe Rooms tested to withstand an EF-5 tornado and meet or exceed FEMA guidelines; for purchase and install starting at $3500 installed…”

Welcome to Huntsville Tornado!

Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to be an educated and informed storm shelter consumer so you can make the right decision based on the needs of you and your family to keep them safe during severe weather.  We appreciate you!

>> We proudly offer the only Underground Storm Shelter that includes a limited LIFETIME Warranty, the Lifesaver Storm Shelter!

>> Get our New *Exclusive* Severe Weather Guide App FREE for your iPad or Tablet + One-year FREE of Weather Call @Home – the indispensable address-specific, pinpoint weather alert service that automatically texts, emails and calls you when YOUR HOME or BUSINESS is in danger from approaching Severe Weather (so you know when you need to go!) to keep you and your family safe- FREE! 

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We offer 3 different storm shelter brands, all of which meet or exceed FEMA guidelines and have been tested by Texas Tech University’s Wind Science and Engineering Center to withstand an EF-5 Tornado (each has various models/sizes):

  1. Lifesaver Storm Shelters (Under-ground tornado shelters)

  2. All Weather Safe Rooms (Above-ground tornado safe rooms)

  3. Lifeguard Storm Shelter (Under-ground in-garage tornado shelters)

Click the TYPE of shelter (or picture) below to get more information & details: 

  UNDERGROUND – “Lifesaver”                Garage Shelter – Tornado Safe Room                  

Lifesaver Storm Shelters                 tornado_safe_rooms

Lifeguard Storm Shelter (Under Garage)



You can find pricing information and ordering instructions by clicking here.

storm shelters

We hope you’ll find all the resources, links, photos, videos and information you need all here on this one website.

We also invite you to come see our shelters in person so you can touch and feel them to be certain you’re making the right decision.

Come back to this website and visit often as we’re continually updating our site and adding more information and resources for you…

9 thoughts on “Storm Shelters, Tornado Safe Rooms & Tornado Shelters

  1. Do you ship to uk ??!

  2. want one how do i get financing for this? i live in greenville, sc.

    please advise.


  3. wondering if yall do fincing on shelters

  4. I’m puertorrican, we are a 100 x 35 miles island with a 60% population living near tsunami risk coasts and the whole island under hurricane, storms and bad weather year round. There is a big market for your product here and no body is taking it seriously. We have a lot of companies selling security for doors, windows, etc., but no body cares about tsunamis and sudden floods. I believe in your product and I’m really positive about your company succsess if expanding to our island. If you are interested in expanding your company toward the Caribbean, just let talk.

  5. Betty Gipson says:

    Hans yesterday I ordered a storm shelter for 8 adults. My husband wants to order the shelter for 10 adults instead. Can I pay $2,000.00 down and finance the rest? If so let me know . Thanks. BGipson

  6. Clarence Ragland says:

    I’m interested in a above ground safe room, probably just a small one since i live alone. I would like to see if it could be added to my garage. Thank you!

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