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Emergency Power Backup and Mobile Power Solutions

You Never Have to Be Without electrical power again!

> Instant, Silent, On-demand, Fume-Free Electrical power!

…even during a severe storm (like a tornado or hurricane) or power outage…

Keep the electricity flowing so that you can:

– Keep the lights on (and prevent panic),
– Keep the entertainment going for the kids (so you can focus),
– Keep air moving and fans blowing (so everyone’s comfortable),
– Keep communication and information devices alive and powered up (so you know what’s going on)
– (Among other things…)


15 Emergency Power Kit / Backup Power Benefits

Imagine… Electrical power, ready when you need it:

  1. without having to lug around a heavy/awkward/dirty generator or extension cords…
  2. without needing to make oil changes or worry about gasoline or diesel vapors (or spills)…
  3. it’s safe enough to fly with on a plane…
  4. no dangerous/poisonous fumes
  5. designed to be used indoors safely (vs outdoors only)
  6. quiet, silent power (not loud and obnoxious)
  7. cheaper to buy and cheaper to run than a generator
  8. plug in multiple devices with multiple voltages at once (12v dc & 120v AC & USB)
  9. systems include a low-power, low-draw LED light (attached, with on/off switch)
  10. low-powered USB portable weather radio option
  11. video surveillance option for storm/activity monitoring from inside shelter* (connected to portable TV/DVD player)
  12. stays charged with relatively zero maintenance (for just pennies a month)
  13. system in place, power instantly ready to use when you need it*
  14. hands-off operation: system is specially designed to stay fully charged while grid power available and begins to recharge back to 100% capacity automatically as soon as grid power is restored.  Just use the power when you need it and resume normal activity and system will automatically recharge and be ready for your next use
  15. can extend the power putout by your generator / help you get the most economy out of your generator in longer power-outage situations (use generator to charge battery bank then use just battery bank power to conserve fuel; like a diesel submarine: run silent, run deep!)



Common uses and applications:


How much power do these units provide?  What can I run and for how long?

The basic power source (battery) at a maximum charge can supply as much as 12 watts of power for a continuous 93.75 hours (at peak operating conditions).  As the amount of power you use over time increases, that will obviously decrease the amount of power available to you…

12 watts of power could be: running the LED light with a cell phone and iPad plugged in.  It could be running a USB fan, listening to the USB weather radio, charging a cell phone and powering the LED light.

Here are some additional devices, their hourly power usage (in watts) and run time, as well as some grouped items to give you a better idea and what you can run and for how long before needing to recharge power source.  Note: aim to use less than 50% of the power source’s capacity for longest power source life and best performance (disreguard in case of actual emergency of course – that is what it is there for!).

(Add 10% more wattage when calculating A/C wattage as a cushion – don’t max out)


How can I get one?  How are they made?  How much do they cost?

Each emergency power backup system is custom designed (and to be installed) to meet the requirements of the customer, including multiple 12V/DC cigarette-lighter outlets to 120V/AC outlets, LED lightbars, inverters, USB outlets/adapters, cables/cords, voltage monitors plus accessories like low-draw light bulbs, weather radios, battery chargers, fans, TV/DVD players, weather or activity monitoring video cameras and even a solar-powered charging system, among other customizations.

NOTE: Although they are not “light-sabers” with an infinite amount of power that can run anything, you will find these custom-built power solutions to far out-perform any other similar power setup because of how the units are designed.  These are not “gimmick” devices that sound neat and clever only to not work when you most them to; on the contrary, these backup power solutions were designed out of necessity to provide the most battery capacity in the safest and simplest way possible with the most usable features.  

We have a couple different standard configurations which you can order or you can have a custom-tailored system built and installed for you to meet your particular usage requirements…

(This page is still under construction.  Additional information, pictures and videos to follow over time so check back often.  You can also CONTACT US for more information or to get your questions answered.)

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Mobile Power Solutions

For contractors (or anyone with a pickup truck)

“Turn your truck box/toolbox into a secure power generator with instant, silent power you can plug into anywhere, at anytime of day or night”

(Pictures to be posted soon…)

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*power supply is not unlimited obviously, unless having attached solar panels for free recharging (or connect an inverter to a vehicle/generator to recharge if grid power not available)


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