Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama

Where Will You And Your Family Go In The Event Of Severe Weather or The Next Huntsville Tornado?

huntsville tornado shelterhuntsville tornado shelterhuntsville tornado shelter

Lifesaver Storm Shelters offer safer, more comfortable, quality shelters that people will ACTUALLY USE if severe weather, like a Huntsville tornado, strikes.  Many concrete or metal shelters go unused by their owners because the interiors are often scary places.  This defeats the purpose of having an underground shelter which you and your family should NOT hesitate to use during severe weather.  

Lifesaver Storm Shelters Standard Features:

huntsville tornado shelter

huntsville tornadohuntsville tornado

Watch this quick 3-min video tour of our LS-12 Lifesaver Underground Storm Shelter (with over 2 million views on YouTube and counting…)

To see the different Lifesaver sizes and models, click here

–> To learn about our above-ground Tornado Safe Room for your garage, click this:  Safe Rooms

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Our Huntsville tornado shelters Lifesaver Storm Shelters are made of fiberglass, stainless steel hardware, and a plastic honeycomb composite floor system that won’t rot, leak or conduct electricity, ensuring your safety and peace of mind in case of another dangerous Huntsville tornado – you won’t have to think twice about using it!    (see more photos & videos on the right hand side  —–>)

storm shelter    

(To see more from our happy and satisfied Lifesaver customers,
watch this WAFF Channel 48 Video by clicking here)

Other storm shelter manufacturers use wood, concrete or metal all of which will crack, leak, rot and rust allowing water, insects, rodents and snakes to enter the shelter as well as providing an environment for mold or mildew to thrive.  Metal shelters can also be dangerous as they can conduct electricity from downed power lines or lightning – especially in the rain.

You will find many competitors claiming they have the best storm shelter available…

The question is, can they PROVE their fiberglass, steel, or PLASTIC shelter will withstand a Category F-4 or F-5 Tornado? Probably Not!

We can, and have the pictures to prove it – Lifesaver Storm Shelters SAVES LIVES!  Huntsville tornado shelter

8 lives were spared on one of the most tragic days in Alabama history recently thanks to an underground LIFESAVER tornado shelter.  Click on the following link to see the photos: Lifesaver Storm Shelter (in Tanner, AL after April 2011 Huntsville tornadoes)

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Lifesaver Storm Shelters – Engineered, Tested, Certified & Approved

Huntsville Tornado SheltersUnlike many other tornado shelters out there, the Lifesaver underground storm shelter exceeds FEMA 320 guidelines, having successfully passed the Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Center tests.  These guidelines ensure, among other things, that the shelter can withstand upwards of 250 mph winds, impacts from objects and debris at high-speed, adequate ventilation, a securely locking door that can also be opened by emergency crews if necessary, etc.

Huntsville Tornado Shelters

You can find all the FEMA, NSSA and other requirements that the Lifesaver storm shelters exceeded, as well as the engineering specs and test results conducted by the Texas Tech University’s Wind Science and Engineering Research Center (THE premier tornado science institute), on this page: FEMA Storm Shelter Requirements

Storm Shelter Models, Sizes & Common Applications

We have tornado storm shelters and safe rooms to accommodate every size, need and budget, from our 4-person storm shelter starting as low as $3500 installed, on up to our 20-person shelter (great for businesses too like day care centers, factories, office buildings, small businesses, mobile homes & parks, retirement homes, RV parks and campsites, churches, US Gov’t & Military Facilities, Local & City Gov’t Facilities, and more).

storm shelters from $3500 installed

To see the different Lifesaver underground storm shelters and varying sizes available, visit the following page for more information, pictures and videos: Lifesaver Storm Shelter Models

  • FINANCING AVAILABLE:  90 days same as cash or 12-months no interest for Approved Customers
    (*Contact Us for the latest program offerings and details)

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We can install in your yard or garden, in a garage/driveway slab (to be poured) or crawl space (new construction)*.  Our certified, licensed, bonded and insured installers can put the shelter just about anywhere there’s space for it so you and your family can have proper shelter from the storm (call if you have specific questions or would like a free site visit & analysis).

*Note: we do not do very many underground garage-slab installations due to recent carbon monoxide poison issues brought up (CO in your garage can pool, ending up in your storm shelter, a potentially very dangerous situation).

We install our underground shelters and safe rooms in the greater Huntsville / Northern Alabama areas, including southern Tennessee and other outlying areas.  Installs can be as fast as 3-4 hours (depending on install location) – Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama guarantees the install for life!  Call for further details or questions on installs.

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For More Information, exact Pricing and to get your questions answered, call Hans or Danny now:

Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama:

256-258-WIND (9463)

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Tornado shelter next to garage & drivewayHuntsville tornado shelterTornado shelter installed in garage floorHuntsville tornado shelter

For more pics of installs, go to this page and click on the shelter size(s) you’re interested in for more pics and info

Lifesaver Underground Storm Shelters LS-12 Install (older method):


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43 thoughts on “Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama

  1. William Schaefer says:

    how much do your shelters cost?

    • Hey William, our shelters start at $3500 installed for a 4 person Lifesaver storm shelter. We accept credit cards and we also have financing available. If you’d like a closer look at one of our shelters, we’d be more than happy to bring one to your home or business (on a trailer) so you can touch it, feel it and understand the quality and superiority of our FEMA-approved shelters – no cost, no obligation. Just let us know and we can schedule you a personal viewing. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks

  2. These concepts are simply illustrations in my textbooks during my elementary years. Now, they are highly functional and necessary.

    I will certainly have this site forwarded to friends.

    • Charles, appreciate you getting the word out (I’m sure your friends will too). Thanks for your comments and for stopping by! If you have any questions, just let us know. Thanks again.

  3. They look great, do you have any larger size’s or shapes?

    • Hey Douglas, yes, we have 6 different sizes of the underground Lifesaver storm shelters: 4-person, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 person. We also offer steel above ground safe rooms (4 foot by 4 foot to as large as 5 foot x 8 foot). Feel free to call anytime at 256-258-WIND (9463) or visit the Models and Benefits page for more information.

  4. Greetimgs, I’m very interested in knowing more about the 4 by 4 above ground shelter. Would also like to do if you do any other custom job of the sort. Also, if the complete construction is 4 by 4 or is it wider on the outside, since I have some garage constraints. Anyway, thank you for your time, hope to hear back from you! Please contact me back!

    • Hey Alejandro, yes we can build above ground steel safe rooms from as small as 4’x4′ (outside dimensions) to as large as 10’x50′ (the size of the community shelters we build).

  5. We have an inground swimming pool we were thinking about filling it in. We are both disabled & no longer able to keep it up. It was vandalized & the liner ripped & pool pump, etc. was stollen anyways. Would it be possible to put a storm shelter where the pool is already? It’s 3′ on one end and slopes to 6′ on the other end. Would it be cheaper & does FEMA still help with the cost. We wouldn’t care if people in the neighborhood used it also. Thanks, Jane

    • Hey Jane, great speaking with you earlier. Yes, when we come out to do that co cost, no obligation site visit with our Lifesaver storm shelter display in tow, we’ll be able to determine the best way to get an underground storm shelter installed for you, that won’t be a problem.

      As to your question about viewing one of our Lifesaver storm shelters that’s already installed and in the ground, we should be able to arrange a viewing of the underground storm shelter we installed in Section, AL that was featured on the WAFF channel 48 news tonight (you can catch that news segment and corresponding article on their website by clicking here). Unfortunately, I do not believe they are accepting applications for the FEMA grant money at this time.

      And regarding your last question, if you and your neighbors all wanted to pitch in for one larger shelter, our largest shelter is a 20-adult underground storm shelter which would work well for that situation as well. Look forward to speaking with you soon. – Hans

  6. I am very interested in your product. Do you sale in South Carolina? Can your system be used for short term survival? Thanks for your time.

    • Hey Andy, yes we can sell you an underground shelter or above ground tornado safe room in South Carolina. Go ahead and call me at 256-258-9463 and I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you might have. Talk to you then. – Hans

  7. Hi,

    I am interested in a safe room. I live in Clarksville, TN. Does FEMA have such a program to provide grants to have safe room installed in TN?


  8. William Kristian says:

    I love what I am seeing. Do you ever do any up in Wisconsin? Our town has had several tornados in the past couple of years, so I’m looking for something to keep my family safe.

    • William, tornadoes can strike anywhere. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get your questions answered and get you and your family taken care of, no problem! Thanks for your comments.

  9. Thomas Duckworth says:

    Do you have a physical address where the various shelters can be viewed?

    • We are in the process of building a new showroom off Ryland Pike in Huntsville, Alabama. In the meantime while our building is under contruction, we are happy to bring a shelter to your home or business so you can see it, touch and feel the difference and do a site evaluation of your yard and/or show you an installed unit in the area. Just give us a call at 256-258-WIND and we’d be happy to schedule that appointment with you (no cost and no obligation)

  10. {A work mate linked me to your site.

  11. Duane@Adderall says:

    Greetings! I’ve been reading your website for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great work!

  12. That is very interesting, You are an excessively skilled blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and look ahead to seeking more of your great post. Also, I have shared your web site in my social networks

  13. Hey. What is the price range for a 20 person shelter? I was interested in the shelter you installed in the Youtube video, but that is much too small for my needs. I would need room for 4 people and my dog. I understand that the 20 person shelter can hold 20 people, but that does not sleep 20 people. I would need enough room for 4 layed out sleeping bags and enough leftover space for maybe 2 sitting down, a dog, and food and water storage. If you could make a video on the 20 person shelter just to show how big it is on the inside that would be great!

    • Hey Alec, I’ll try to get some video footage for you for the next 20-person shelter we install. The LS20 would definitely meet your needs as you just described. Where are you located?

  14. i am also interested in an L20. i am in WV .
    can that be installed ……can a crew be hired here.? thanks. let me know prices etc. plus shippping. thanks you
    jeanie coger.

    • Hey Jeanie, yes we can install an LS-20 underground Lifesaver storm shelter for you in West Virginia. Call me at 256-258-WIND (9463) for exact pricing to ship to your exact location, but the basic price for the LS-20 is $9,500 installed (includes purchase price, taxes & install).

  15. Chris Smith says:

    Thanks alot for your help Hans and to Danny as well. Our LS-6 shelter has been installed for over a month now and it’s been great. Last month when a Tornado warning was issued for Arab we slept in our shelter for 5 hours. Just for reference folks if you get a shelter thats a minimum of a 6 person shelter it is perfectly possible for 2 adults to lay down and sleep in the middle walkway in the shelter!! We’ve already designed and made ourselves a very nice mattress to sleep on in ours using those egg crate mattress pads you can buy at walmart!! Also folks our weather radios and cell phones pick up inside our storm shelter!! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or better people to do business with!!

    • Hey Chris, thanks for sharing your experiences. We’ve had other customers put in an airbed to sleep through the bad weather as well. Thanks again for your business and sharing your feedback.

  16. Billy Stephenson says:

    I am interested in a storm shelter installed in Bessemer,Alabama under $4000.00 would that be possible? please contact me.

  17. Yes, I’m interested in installing a safe room/tornado shelter. Unsure if can install a tornado shelter due to having a septic tank system in my backyard. But, what is the cost of the safe rooms?

    • Many of our customers have septic tanks and leach fields in their yards so that is not a problem. Just give us a call at 256-258-WIND and we’ll be happy to talk with you further and answer any other questions you may have. Safe rooms start at $4,000 installed for a 4×4 as well.

  18. Looking for a 10-12 person shelter, how much would each cost? and is there a additional cost for it to be placed in the garage?

    • Wil, our LS-10 starts at $5800 or the LS-12 at $6000 depending on your location (check out our PRICING page for exact pricing details for your exact location – check with google maps to determine the number of miles away from Huntsville you are). We don’t do a lot of storm shelters under the garage anymore due to the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, but we can still do it. Prices will be another $1500 or more depending on the difficulty of the job.

  19. We live in West Kentucky, and over the past few years, the intensity of storms are growing in our area. And I am scared to death of storms! How does the financing work with this company? I’m very interested!

  20. Your shelter houses look very strong and within budget. People are safe in any storm or natural disaster.

  21. Johnny Drewter says:

    Great info, thanks Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama!

  22. These storm shelters look so awesome to have! Thanks for your service.

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