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New 3×5 Tornado Safe Room for Compact / Small Garages Installed from $3795

Since we first introduced our All Weather Safe Room tornado safe room line, we’ve had a great response from people who wanted a way to keep their family safe, yet not have to go outside and climb down steps.  Our All Weather Safe Room line with units from 3’x5′ to 10’x50′ has been able to do just that for many families.  These tornado safe rooms have been tested by the premiere impact testing facility in the industry – Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Center – in order to ensure they can stand up to the force and impact of debris in an EF-5 tornado.

Every model also meets or exceeds FEMA guidelines so you know you’ve got a quality product that’s safe and also offers a 15 year warranty.  The units are customizable as they are all custom built to suit, depending on the size you require and we also now offer benches with storage bins underneath (optional accessory) and we also can build safe rooms to be placed outside (like our community safe rooms, for example).

tornado safe room

Putting the finishing touches on a new community safe room

The All Weather Safe Rooms of course have been designed to protect against damaging severe weather like a Huntsville tornado, but can also be used as a panic room (in case your home were to get broken into and you needed somewhere safe to go until the police showed up), a bunker (in case of social unrest or some other unexpected event where you might need protection), or a safe (somewhere you can keep your valuables, like guns, ammo, precious metals, jewelry, important documents, etc).

There are two different models you can choose from, once you have determined your size requirements, and that’s either standard (3/16 inch thick walls and ceiling with a 1/4 inch thick door) or deluxe (1/4 inch thick walls, door and ceiling).  Now both models will protect against an EF-5 tornado, but if you’d like it to be that much stronger, maybe to repel a bigger caliber bullet for example, if you’re concerned about that or just to have that added level of security just in case, a deluxe model will cost an additional $1,000, since security is really important for our homes, and that’s why the use of fire and security systems can be really helpful for different kind of emergencies.

So what do you do if you just don’t have space for a 4×4 tornado safe room in your garage?

Suppose you want the protection of a safe room but don’t want to have leave one of your cars outside the garage which you can see it here.  What can you do then? One solution is to hire a reputable garage door service in Surrey, who can help you with building a safe garage.

We have just introduced our newest and least expensive All Weather Safe Room measuring 3 feet by 5 feet with our standard 80 inch height.  You can get this 3×5 tornado safe room installed in your garage from $3795, depending on your location which is an extremely affordable price for any kind of storm shelter or tornado safe room. You can also read this saferacks review to see if it fits into your garage.  It has nearly the same amount of square footage meaning (just 1 square foot less) yet it’s over $200 cheaper and gives you an additional foot of width or length in your garage so you don’t have to park your car in the driveway. Get More Info here to make sure your garage door is secure and repaired for safety purposes.  Luckily, we now have a solution for you!

Learn more about our tornado safe rooms and storm shelters and make sure your family will be safe before the next severe weather storm hits.

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How to Select a Storm Shelter or Tornado Safe Room

Red Neck Storm Shelter

One example of short cuts people try to take. It may work… but is it worth the risk? What if it doesn’t…

Which is better?  An underground storm shelter?  Or an above-ground tornado safe room?

You’ve seen the destruction that tornadoes and severe weather can wreak on homes, businesses and entire communities and you know you need better protection from these devastating storms.  By now hopefully you’ve also realized that not all storm shelters or tornado safe rooms are created equal.  While having some sort of storm shelter or safe room is better than no safe room or tornado shelter, to ensure your family’s safety and survival through even the most dangerous of storms, you need to choose wisely.

concrete shelterMost people are familiar with the old type of metal or concrete storm shelter that years down the road now more closely resembles a dungeon than a safe place to ride out severe weather.  These older units, while again better than nothing, in most cases were simply not designed or tested to withstand the impact of a strong storm, like a Huntsville tornado.

One of the most serious issues is usually the door.  With the high winds and blowing debris, you want to make sure your storm shelter or tornado safe room door is impact-tested to withstand both the wind trying to pull it off it’s hinges (requiring a substantial hinge and 3-point locking system) as well as impact from debris traveling at 250mph (like a 2×4 or tree branch), simulating the worst of storms, an EF-5 tornado.

This area is where most storm shelters fail.  A regular wood or even metal framed door is not designed to withstand the impact of such objects at anywhere near those kinds of speeds.  There are chances that you get injured after a slip and fall. If the door were to fail or worse get sucked off, you may be subject to imminent injury or worse death.  Needless to say, you need to make sure your storm shelter or safe room door is strong, secure and specifically tested to withstand impact from an EF-5 tornado, the strongest of tornadoes.  (The premier tornado testing facility is at the Texas Tech University Wind Science Center)

The question I’m asked the most is whether or not an above-ground safe room can actually be as safe as an underground storm shelter.  To answer that question quickly, simply watch this short video below:

So this begs the question, if an above-ground impact-tested tornado safe room can be as safe as an underground impact-tested storm shelter, how do you decide which to choose?

The answer is quite simple; it really is a matter of personal preference and space.

If you have a 2 or 3-car garage – or even a 1-car garage that you don’t use to park your car in and have the space for a 4×6, 4×4, 4×8 or other sized tornado safe room, then that may be an option for you.  Conversly, if you do not have any available space for even a 3 1/2 foot x 4 foot safe room in your garage or on a back patio or something, then an underground storm shelter may be the best option for you.

If you have the space in your garage for a tornado safe room, the benefits are:Tornado Safe Room

  • You can enter from your house without having to get wet or subjected to the outside elements (assuming your garage is attached to your home and has a garage door)
  • You can also use a safe room to store valuables like guns, jewelry, important documents, etc as you would use a safe (you may want to consider installing a deluxe model safe room for this purpose if you’d like a little thicker walls and three heavy-duty Medeco deadbolts to make it that much harder to break into)
  • Easy access in and out for those who may be wheelchair-bound or have difficulty going up and down stairs
  • The All Weather Safe Room can just as easily be uninstalled as it is installed if you decide to move and want to take your tornado safe room with you
  • Each of the All Weather Safe Rooms comes standard at 80 inches high, giving you plenty of head space, again making it very easy to enter and exit
  • All Weather Safe Rooms also have vertical doors that open inward in case a strong storm hits and causes part or all of your garage to collapse around you (which, being surrounded by your garage is likely to happen) so that you’re able to easily climb out after the storm
  • The ability to choose a custom size (down to the inch) and door location for safe room, for as few as 3 adults to as many as 100 (10×50 foot safe room, ie, our community safe room) as the All Weather Safe Rooms are custom built for each customer

 In contrast, an underground storm shelter like “The Refuge” storm shelter or Lifesaver Storm Shelter may be better suited for your needs if:Lifesaver storm sheltersRefuge storm shelter

  • You do not have a suitable location for an above-ground storm shelter
  • You “feel” safer being underground that above-ground.
  • You’d like a more economical option to give you more space for your dollar.  An underground storm shelter is likely to give you more space as metal is more expensive than fiberglass, saving you as much as $1,000 depending on which storm shelter you choose
  • You prefer to be outside in the open to decrease your chances of the building around you collapsing on top of you
  • You have neighbors or family who you also want to easily be able to get into your storm shelter
  • You want to protect up to 20 adults in one location, underground

In conclusion, any way you look at it, a tested, quality underground storm shelter is just as safe as an above-ground storm shelter (assuming you’re dealing with a reputable company with quality products that have been specifically engineered, designed and tested for use as tornado protection); the question you have to decide is which factors are most important to me and which one do I prefer?

If you’re still unsure though and would like to discuss your situation with us further to review other concerns or specific issues your house or yard may contain, just give us a call or send us an email anytime by calling (256) 258-WIND (9463) or click on the CONTACT US tab at the top of the page.  Hopefully this article has helped you figure out which option may be best for you and your family.

Please comment below and let us know your thoughts, your determining factors, etc and also be sure to share this article with anyone else you feel may benefit from it, via facebook, twitter or other means as well.

Tornado Safe Room Installation – The All Weather Safe Room Install

On Dec 1, 2011 the creators and manufacturers of the All Weather Safe Room decided to donate a tornado safe room to a young couple in Madison, Alabama after their home was completely demolished during the April 27, 2011 Huntsville tornado. All that remained of their property was a make-shift tornado safe room they had created out of cinder-block – luckily for their sake, it held up, if only barely…

tornado safe and CNN got wind of the story and decided to bring out their camera crews to also record this wonderful event.  We also were able to capture some great footage of the entire install process from unloading the tornado safe room off the trailer to locating it in place and installing it in Kevin’s garage, which you can view below.

As you’ll hear in another video regarding these All Weather Safe Rooms, the installation process is such that you can actually install the tornado shelter in your garage and should you decide to move, you can actually just call us up and we can reinstall your tornado safe room if you like to take the safe room with you to your next house.  Or, you can leave it in place and add approximately $10,000 to the value of your home as in the case of the tornado safe room as configured in the video below.

tornado safe roomEssentially though, with a trained and certified installation crew and the proper materials and tools, installation of the All Weather Safe Room can be completed within an hour or so from start to finish.  The unit weighs several thousand pounds (the heavy-duty door itself weighs 350 lbs) so while it may look easy to install in the video, it’s simply the result of using the right tools and understanding the install method to ensure the shelter is installed correctly so that it can protect from a severe Huntsville tornado (even an F-5 Huntsville tornado), as tested by the Texas Tech University Wind Science Center, the premiere tornado testing facility.

Once installed, the All Weather Safe Room can not only protect you as a tornado safe room from severe weather as mentioned, but it can also double as a safe (to store valuables like guns, ammunition, precious metals, coins, and other valuables) as well as a panic room in case of burglarly.  (We can also custom build safe rooms to guard against fire and larger bullets, if desired).

Watch the video below which shows the complete installation process for our All Weather Safe Room, the premiere tornado safe room:


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