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Installing an Underground LS-6 Lifesaver Storm Shelter

storm shelter

As you’re likely aware from our Lifesaver Storm Shelter Models & Benefits page, we offer a wide range of both underground storm shelters and above-ground safe rooms, from our smallest 4-adult storm shelter to our largest tornado safe rooms that protect up to 100 people (10 x 50 foot tornado safe room).  I wanted to put together a quick post to show some of the differences between the smaller Lifesaver storm shelter models (vs the bigger LS-8, LS-10, LS-12 or LS-20 models) in how they are installed to address a few questions that people have had about they are installed.

On the Lifesaver Storm Shelters Models & Benefits page, you’ll see an unedited storm shelter install video shot of us installing an LS-12 storm shelter, from digging the hole, to pouring the concrete pad underneath the shelter, to strapping down and back-filling it to complete the storm shelter install.

Since we haven’t yet filmed one of the smaller units (LS-4 or LS-6) being installed – and since they have a slightly different install process due to their smaller volume, size and shape and therefore differing buoyancy factors – I wanted to go through the process of installing an LS-6 Lifesaver shelter and show some pictures to help you better understand the process for those interested.

tornado shelter install

LS-6 Storm Shelter Install Process

The first step is for the customer to call their call-before-you-dig number (in Alabama it’s usually 8-1-1).  They will then come out at no cost to mark where underground utilities, etc are in proximity to the location of the storm shelter so that there are no surprises when we start digging the hole. 😉

Then we begin digging the hole, approximately 10 feet by 12 feet (depending on the location) some 6 feet deep.  We shoot grade to make sure the bottom of the hole is the right depth and prepare the tornado shelter to be lowered into the hole (bigger models require bigger, deeper holes).

The Main LS-4 & LS-6 Lifesaver Storm Shelter Install Differences

storm shelter install
storm shelter installFor the LS-4 and LS-6 underground tornado shelter models, this means threading 9-foot long, 2-inch steel pipes through the bottom of the tornado shelters as you can see in the photos.  This is part of the anchoring system which is engineering and designed to have 2 fiberglass panels on either side of the shelter sitting on top of the steel pipes to help anchor and keep the shelter in it’s installed location (so it doesn’t float up or move around).

The larger Lifesaver storm shelters (LS-8 and above) require a heavier anchoring system which is why we use an 8-inch thick concrete pad underneath the shelter or preformed 2000 and 3000 lb concrete blocks with straps or chains as their buoyancy factor is greater.  That concrete would be overkill and unnecessary for the smaller LS-4 and LS-6 Lifesaver storm shelters however and would also unnecessarily increase the cost for the customer.

storm shelter install

So once the fiberglass panels are in properly, the tornado shelter is level and correctly in place, we backfill the dirt into the hole to bury the underground storm shelter, leaving the dirt around it a few inches high in order to compensate for some of the dirt that will settle (it will take a few rains to really compact and settle the dirt; the shelter does not settle or move, only some of the dirt on top).

Lifesaver Storm Shelters Lifetime Warranty

Lifesaver storm shelterTo ensure each Lifesaver storm shelter is properly installed so we can issue a lifetime warranty on the storm shelter, we include installation in the prices we quote for our tornado shelters, like our LS-4 model (4 adults) which for purchase and normal install is $3500.  The LS-6 as pictured in this post for a normal install is $4500.  If you have any other requirements, like hauling off dirt, removing trees or shrubs or anything else, feel free to give us a call at 256-258-WIND and we’re more than happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information.

Also be sure to visit our facebook page for the latest news and information at


Tornado Safe Room Vs Underground Storm Shelters

With as great a product as the underground Lifesaver storm shelter is, why would we now be promoting another storm shelter/safe room product?

Great question.

Lifesaver storm shelter

First of all, if you’re searching for a product that can keep you safe from severe weather underground, the Lifesaver Storm Shelter is exactly the underground shelter you’re looking for.  It exceeds all FEMA guidelines and has a lifetime warranty so you know it’s safe; it’s comfortable and clean on the inside thanks to it’s fiberglass build and brilliant-white epoxy gel coating; it’s flat and doesn’t stick out in your yard like a sore thumb like some other storm shelters; it’s easy to open, get in and secure and it’s also very affordable, starting at $3,500 for our LS-4 Lifesaver storm shelter INSTALLED!

So you can’t go wrong in choosing one of our Lifesaver underground storm shelters for sale.

But what if you’d prefer to be in a storm shelter above ground?  What if you have some extra space in your garage suitable for a sturdy, solid, steel tornado safe room?

  • What if you have difficulty moving around or have a wheelchair, walker or cain that you rely on?
  • What if in addition to providing protection and shelter from the storm for you and your family (from a Huntsville tornado or a Tennessee tornado for example), you’d also like to store your valuables and important possessions?
  • What if you’d like the option to have protection from fire, theft or even bullets?

tornado safe room

If any of these scenarios have run through your head, perhaps you should also look into one of our All Weather Safe Rooms (which happen to be primarily designed as a tornado room or tornado safe room, also exceeding FEMA guidelines and testing requirements).

You see, an above ground safe room is like a big safe AND a storm shelter all in one.  For the majority of the time you can store your guns, weapons, precious metals, jewelry, family heirlooms, important documents and computer data, etc to protect them from burglers, bullets and fire.  However, when severe weather approaches and your WeatherCall@Home custom alert service notifies you that a storm is headed directly toward your home, YOU can also take shelter from the storm in your safe room (enter your information into the form on the top right of this page to get WeatherCall@Home for FREE as a visitor to our website).

tornado safe room

This tornado safe room can be installed as a hidden room as well (for new construction homes) where most people will not even know about it, hidden behind a fake wall or door.  Most installations however are done after the home has been completed (requires a slab foundation for anchoring the tornado safe room to your foundation and enough access to place the safe room in it’s place to be installed).  For this reason, we install most safe rooms in the garage, although is also useful to have good garage doors.

Some of our customers who desire extra protection and peace of mind have chosen to even install both an underground shelter with one of our All Weather tornado safe rooms over the entrances to their underground storm shelters.  Now, as far as protection from severe weather like tornadoes, this is overkill.  One or the other would protect you from a storm.  But if you wanted the additional space underground and the advantage of being protected from bullets and fire and having a place to store your valuables, you’ve got it all in one place.  Again, for most people this is not necessary, but it something we can do if you like (see photos below).

storm shelters safe rooms

To learn more about our tornado room or tornado safe room, the All Weather Safe Rooms, just click on the following link to learn how they can keep your family safe today: Tornado Safe Room

Winter Weather Awareness Week 2011

WHAT?  Winter?  Already Time to Think and PLAN!?

winter-weather 2011-2012Last winter will live in the record books for a long time.  Of course, by defnintion, history will last… um… forever.

But with another uncertain winter ahead, what should we keep in mind, especially during Winter Weather Awareness Week 2011.

Let me remind you that during the winter months it is time to start to prepare for the Severe Weather Season that faces us for 2012.  Winter is the time to get things DONE and put to bed.  In North Alabama, Southern Middle TN, and the rest of the nation’s tornado belt, it is almost like preparing for War.  It is a mindset that people who don’t have to worry about tornadoes just don’t comprehend.

But let’s comprehend this.  Now, in the TN Valley, we have 2 major tornado anniversaries near 6 months apart.  April 27, 2011, compared to November 15, 1989.  2 times of the year that represent the chance for loss and devastation  to all of us who live in the Tornado Belt of the Southeast and Mid-South.

So this Winter Weather Awareness Week, make sure you are ready for winter… shovels, ice and snow melting chemicals, and the reminders as to how to drive in snow and ice.

But, if there is another Tennessee Valley or Huntsville Tornado coming our way, you will be glad that you have spent time planning your entire safety plans.

1.) Counseling:

If you need help following the April 27 Huntsville tornado, seek help, and don’t feel embarrassed.  The post traumatic stress that is occurring for thousands of our neighbors is real and palpable.  If you need assistance, schedule help.  It might take months to even start your path to revocery.

2.) WeatherCall:

Make sure that when tornadoes threaten the TN Valley and Huntsville once again, you have a system in place that you don’t have to worry about batteries, turning it on or off, or watching it to get your information.  TV is great, but you have to be watching the right station at the right time during the right time of day to get help.  Weather Radios? Those of you who have them likely don’t have batteries, have them unplugged due to them going off  ‘ALL the time’, or have learned to ignore them due to their county warnings.  Sirens… if it is storming, middle of the night, you might never hear them.  But a PHONE CALL!  You will always awaken to answer a phone call!  Get WeatherCall HERE NOW!  Leave your information in the form on the right of this page and you will receive a year for FREE.

3.) Storm Shelters and/or Safe Rooms:

Even if you have notification, you need a place to go.  During the EF-5 Huntsville tornado on April 27th, lots of our neighbors lost their lives in the ‘proper shelter’, closets, bathrooms, hallways, etc., but for those in Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms, you don’t hear stories of life disaster from these folks.  If you can afford one, get one, at Huntsville Tornado, but call TODAY.  There are lots of peope scheduling to have them put in.  Don’t – do it now.  Get it as your Christmas gift for your family.  Or if you are in a neighborhood of homes, mobile homes, or campers, pitch in with several, and get a 8, 10, 12, or 20 person storm shelter and share the costs.

Folks, Winter Weather Awareness Week is a great time to get ready for the War of 2012.  Please take it seriously, and spend time checking things off your safety list.

Brad Huffines, Meteorologist , National Notification Consultant  -WeatherCall, Contract Instructor – FEMA EMI

Training For the Next One (ie, Huntsville Tornado)

National Emergency Training Center

Huntsville tornadoThe best way to prepare for another Tennessee Valley or Huntsville tornado is to leave the Valley and get the proper training.  That is the mission of the Emergency Management Institute at the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, MD.  Here, teams of instructors all have real life experience in dealing with natural and man-made disasters.  Being the only broadcast meteorologist to ever instruct for the Emergency Management Institute, I have a very unique take on emergency information and public information, and how the two work together.

It is my 15 years of FEMA instruction and my 27 years as a broadcast meteorologist that brought me to actively market WeatherCall’s family of products, from WeatherCall for your Home to WeatherCall Mobile with Lightning Detection to WeatherCall Enterprise, the uniquely affordable weather risk solution for businesses of all sizes.  And knowing that EF-5 tornadoes, which frequently visit Huntsville and surrounding areas, have an above ground survival rate of as little as 20%, the best way to insure your family’s LIFE during a Huntsville tornado is to have the best notification in the nation and the best storm shelter in the country, Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama.

This week at the EMI in Emmitsburg, MD, we are teaching emergency managers, police, fire, EMS and community services from local communities from across the country (and even from the military, NOAA, and the CIA) how to better work together before, during and after a disaster.  The poor fictitious residents of Central City, in Liberty County, in the fictitious 51st state of the United States called Columbia, will once again get SLAMMED by a series of explosions, car accidents, chemical plant eruptions, massive outdoor public events, a high rise fire that will take several more lives and injure scores.  By doing this, we are giving these students, some very well experienced public and civil servants, experience with stress, problem solving, and bringing solutions.

What do I take away from this training?

More learning, more friends, and more people with whom I will be in contact for life in our joint efforts to make Americans safer before, during, and after disasters.  One thing about facing a Tennessee Valley or Huntsville tornado threat.  We KNOW they will come again… and again.  YOU need to prepare for their inevitability by getting WeatherCall and a Lifesaver Storm Shelter.

Act TODAY.  If you are interested in FEMA training and serving your community, go to the FEMA Training Website, and learn more.  Perhaps one day you’ll be in one of the classes I teach.  Or even Vice Versa!

Brad Huffines – Meteorologist
National Notification Consultant, WeatherCall
Adjunct Instructor of Media and Meteorology, DHS/FEMA EMI
Husband, Father, Friend

Lifesaver Storm Shelters and WeatherCall Team Up to Save Lives

 Storm Shelters & WeatherCall – A Perfect Match

Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama is teaming up with the nation’s #1 emergency weather notification service, WeatherCall, through Huntsville Tornado in an effort to help keep more people safe, helping more people get shelter from the storm, as in the next Huntsville tornado. WeatherCall has already made over 6 MILLION phone calls and delivered millions of text messages and emails to its hundreds of thousands of subscribers nationwide since its launch in 2008, literally saving the lives of countless families and individuals.

“Everyone who has a storm shelter needs to know when to take shelter from the storm, and everyone who has WeatherCall needs to have a place to go to assure their safety”

Because of the life-saving nature of storm shelters and emergency notification phone calls,  Huntsville Tornado and WeatherCall have teamed up to provide a unified and powerful force in tornado safety that is thriving in the Tennessee Valley and across the Southeast.  This partnership will provide unparalleled safety and certainty to our current and future customers by not only ensuring accurate and precise address-based custom weather alerts so there’s no wasted time, energy or stress trying to figure out where the storm is or how severe it is, but also ensuring that when the time comes to take shelter from the storm, our customers will have peace of mind with our lab-engineered and real-world tested top-of-the-line underground storm shelters, knowing they’ll be safe and comfortable until the severe weather passes.  When the time comes, there will be no second-guessing; our customers will know where to go.

storm sheltersWeatherCall is an ADDRESS SPECIFIC notification service that will actually call you with a weather warning when your specific address is placed within a National Weather Service defined tornado, Severe Thunderstorm or Flash Flood Warning (when your home is inside one of those red polygons on the radar map). That phone call has a history of saving lives in the years since WeatherCall was launched.

Huntsville Tornado SheltersHuntsville Tornado has six different underground shelters available, all certified and tested to exceed FEMA 320 standards, for anywhere between 4 and 20 persons. These high-quality storm shelters have proven their durability, reliability and safety as evidenced by these photos taken after an EF-5 swept through this property.

Everyone deserves to have somewhere safe to go in the event of severe weather like a Huntsville tornado, so with that in mind Lifesaver storm shelters of North Alabama has made these underground shelters and safe rooms as affordable as possible – a 4-person shelter installed for as little as $3,500 for example (credit cards accepted and financing is available for qualified purchasers as well).

How to Schedule a Free Personal Lifesaver Storm Shelter Viewing & Receive Free WeatherCall@Home

When you leave your name, phone and email in the form to the right of this page, Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama will contact you to arrange a viewing of one of their premier underground shelters at your home or business with no obligation or cost to you.  Also, as our way of saying thanks for visiting Huntsville Tornado, we’ll give you access to WeatherCall @Home for free for an entire year – just fill out that form to the right.

In that email, you’ll also see a few powerful testimonials from real people with real stories about how weathercallsaved their lives. We believe that everyone who has a storm shelter needs to know when to take shelter from the storm, and everyone who has WeatherCall needs to have a place to go to assure their safety.

Please don’t overlook this amazing tool. Especially since through Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama, and Huntsville Tornado, you receive your first year of WeatherCall @Home for free. Make sure to take advantage of this life-saving service. It honestly could, literally could, help you save your own life.

Thank you for visiting!


Brad Huffines







Brad Huffines – Meteorologist
National Notification Consultant

Lifesaver Storm Shelter – with Cable TV?

With a Lifesaver Storm Shelter, you can not only protect you and your family in the event of a Huntsville tornado or severe weather but you can take shelter from the storm in style!  Take a look at the inside of one of our 12-person shelters as installed for one of our Lifesaver storm shelters of North Alabama customers below.

Lifesaver storm shelter Customizations

underground storm shelter, with tv

There is an endless number of customizations you can have with our underground shelters, from wiring it with TV and cable as our customer here did, to pouring a concrete patio around it, planting shrubs or sod, or even painting it your favorite color (or turning it into the ultimate collegiate banner – I’m talking to you SEC football fans!).

Just imagine the look on your neighbors’/friends’ faces when they come over to find a massive 5-foot by 3-foot crimson Alabama banner or orange Auburn banner (your painted shelter lid) prominently displaying your passion and joy?  Your shelter doesn’t have to stay green – use your imagination!  The possibilities for customizing your underground tornado shelter are endless.

lifesaver storm shelter, with tv

We want to smash the notion that underground storm shelters, tornado shelters, or safe rooms have to be scary, damp, undesirable places.  After all, you shouldn’t have to think twice about actually USING your storm shelter – kind of defeats the purpose, right?

We’re confident that should you decide to choose an underground shelter from us at Huntsville Tornado Shelters .com and Lifesaver storm shelters of North Alabama, that you’ll be so happy and satisfied with your investment that you’ll not only not hesitate to use it when necessary but that you’ll be sharing with your friends and family about it.

Experience the quality and superiority of our underground storm shelters yourself with no obligation.  Just fill out the form on the right of this page and we’ll happily bring one of our Lifesaver Storm Shelters to your home or business for you to touch, smell and feel the difference.

Got Any Other Lifesaver storm shelter Customization Ideas?

So how would you like to to customize your Lifesaver Storm shelter?  At Huntsville Tornado Shelters .com, we take pride in helping to keep you safe by providing you with the best protection from severe weather possible (like a Huntsville tornado), at a price that’s affordable, and in the way you want it.  If you’ve got some creative ideas or suggestions, just jot them down in the comments section below, we’d love to hear what you think!

And by all means, please share this post with others so they too can see what is possible today with a Lifesaver underground storm shelter from Huntsville Tornado Shelters .com!

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