Top Story @10 on WAFF 48 – Dekalb County Lifesaver Underground Storm Shelters

Lifesaver Underground Storm Shelters – Install for Gary Heymon Featured on WAFF 48 Newscast

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About an hour ago we got an ecstatic call from a customer, whose storm shelter we just installed a few weeks back, who wanted to let us know they were going to be on TV tonight.

A Huntsville channel 48 WAFF newscrew came out and interviewed them and took some photos and video of the completed install and shortly thereafter the Alabama EMA as well.
Ever since the Huntsville tornado storms tore through Northern Alabama in April 27 2011 creating record-breaking amounts of damage, there’s been a governmental effort to assist some of those worst hit.  FEMA stepped in once the state of Alabama was declared a disaster area and has promised funds to install storm shelters that meet or exceed FEMA requirements to ensure people have safe shelter in the event of the next potential severe storm.  The cutoff to apply for such funds passed months ago and now some of the FEMA money is beginning to show up.

Underground Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms Funding Starting To Come Through For Some Counties

Dekalb county of Alabama was one of the first counties to begin receiving this FEMA money and aid.  Just a few weeks ago, Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama participated in helping a home owner who qualified for the FEMA money to complete their paperwork to ensure they would get their partial reimbursement monies from FEMA after having installed their underground Lifesaver Storm Shelter (or safe room as FEMA refers to them as).
So far 180 safe room applications have been approved by FEMA for the state of Alabama, and our understanding is that due to the extensive damage in Dekalb county that a good majority of the funds would first be distributed there.  We also understand that Franklin county is also now receiving FEMA money for it’s residents to compensate them (up to 75% or $4,000) towards any storm shelter or safe room installed that meets FEMA requirements as well.
You can learn more via that WAFF 48 newscast featuring Gary Heymon and his recently purchased and installed LS-12 underground Lifesaver Storm Shelter by clicking on the following link (or hit play below to watch the newscast):
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Hans Schoff
Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama

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