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Tornado Survival Kits

In some areas of the country, like the southeast in particular, tornadoes are known to strike several times a year, varying in intensity and damage.

However, tornadoes and their damaging winds have been reported in every state and while they used to occur mainly at certain times of year (like April in Alabama), they can form and touch down year-round, like Labor Day and Christmas Day a few years back, with over 1,000 tornadoes per year reported nationwide…

Are you prepared for the next tornado / severe weather threat?

This is a serious and often times deadly threat, and one that you and your family can easily be prepared for, thanks to our new Tornado Survival Kit.

When the sirens are going off and the wind is blowing… that is NOT the time to try to prepare for a tornado or severe weather.  By that time, its already too late and you’re in trouble.  Don’t let that happen to you, don’t become a statistic!  Be prepared ahead of time, be ready for the storm with our Tornado Survival Kit!

What does our Tornado Survival Kit Contain?

The TornadoSurvivalKit.com Bag:

First of all, we have designed our Survival Kit specifically for severe weather and tornadoes, as I’ll detail out in a moment.  But to begin with, our high-quality, bright red canvas bag is clearly labeled for easy identification in stressful situations, with hand straps and a shoulder strap and 2 larger exterior pockets for quick access because when you may only have seconds to spare, you don’t want to waste them trying to remember what your kit looks like!

Of course, the bag itself is really just a container for the essential items in the bag – along with enough space for you to add additional items per your family’s specific needs or requirements.

Broken down by category, here’s what comes in the bag, the tornado survival kit contents:



Health & Safety:


Important Documents

How much does the Tornado Survival Kit cost?

As you can see through the extensive list above and the pictures of some of the items in the photos on this page, this is a quality product with quality components.  There’s a lot packed into this 8 inch x 12 inch x 16 inch Tornado Survival Kit bag, NOW AVAILABLE for purchase for $179.99 including taxes (plus only $9.99 shipping across the continental US; contact us for other locations)!

You can purchase your Tornado Survival Kit now by clicking on this button to complete your purchase using VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER or AMERICAN EXPRESS using our STRIPE secure, encrypted online payment processing (BitCoin payments coming soon as well):

We have gone to great lengths using advice from experts in the fields of severe weather, preparedness, survival and safety to find the most useful items for this kit.  Most tornadoes and bouts of severe weather are relatively short in duration luckily which is why we have no food or water included with this kit (and to keep the cost and weight down).  But the bag does have plenty of extra space should you desire to add additional items such as 120 serving emergency breakfast food supply.

Over time, should we feel a better, more suitable product becomes available (as technology advances, etc), we will include that in this kit and/or replace a prior item that may not have been updated on this website yet.  We also have larger battery backup devices for powering many more electronic devices that you can also get more information at here.

If you have any other questions about this tornado survival kit or our underground or above ground storm shelters and tornado safe rooms, please contact us here.

Thank you for your business!  We appreciate you!

$179.99 (+ $9.99 shipping)

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